Form 2 Reliability - Optical Issues - Form 2 Users Stand Up!

Good day all I will make a super long story short. At this point I had 2 Form 2 printers. Both of them seem to have stopped printing perfectly after less than 10 prints. I live in Costa Rica so my first unit was airlifted to me. It had to be airlifted back at my expense. I was given another printer after Formlabs said it had “optical issues” and this time the new printer has done the same thing. At that point I gave up since my money and moral was drained.

How many Form 2 users have had this type of issue seen in these images and either 1. Know a solution. or 2. are stuck with a non working printer? I have a few other users I met on Youtube that are had issues and we are considering creating a petition to either fix or recall these printers. Thanks

One day the printer printed a perfect part, the next day all the parts looked like the one in the image.

Optical test looks like this
Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 17.07.08

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