Form 2, platform sticking to tray

Can anyone explain why my platform sticks to my bath pretty much every time I go to print something? I am aware of the suction effect, but this happens every print. Even on prints that are no wider than a cigarette. It then proceeds to make a loud clunking noise trying to un-stick the platform from the bath. Extremely frustrating and rather unsettling. The clunking continues on the way down. I’m fairly certain the clunking sound is the stepper skipping steps.

Almost sounds like your Z axis is set too low.

Does that result in the platform sticking to the the tray? I made a quick test print. 4 towers (one in each corner) and I’m getting them to be about .3mm taller than they should be. Does the printer do thicker layers on the first couple?

As far as I know it does of the first few layers as that’s what’s sticking to the Build Plate.
The Z axis is just one possibility.
How old is the resin tray? What resin are you using? each of those might contribute.

If you haven’t already put in a Support request, they might be able to help you figure out which subsystem the problem is in. The symptom of clunking on the way down that you describe could be consistent with something being wrong with the Z-axis stepper motor. Is the printer making the same clunking sounds when the build platform is raising when the printer is initialized, or lowering when starting a print, or only with the peel-lift-drop cycle?

Currently, the printer is descending into the tray, which looks correct (no noise). It then stays there for about 2 minutes doing it’s initial layer. When it tries to raise up, it is as if it is stuck to the tray and the Z axis clicks. It eventually becomes un-stuck after the clicking and moves up to allow the wiper to slide. I currently have 4 trays (3xLT 1xSTD), all with different resins. This problem happens with all of the trays.

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