Form 2 : Lever of the build plate hits lid

When removing the build plate, the lever sticks up so high that the lid cannot be closed.
This is really not convenient, and I found that I often hit the lever with the lid accidentally during my first prints.

A lateral lever would have been much more convenient.


You want the lever to hit the lid. It keeps you from installing the build platform without locking it in place.

A loose platform could result in spills and failures that would require service.

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Hi Fred,
Your argument does not hold because the lid can close despite an improperly latched lever.
It is just an annoyance at at tyme when you have your hands full with resin dripping, gloves all sticky, …
Why don’t you add one of your super-reliable electric contacts here too ?

Nothing is damaged if you close the lid on the lever. It’s not a big deal.

My point is that when reinstalling the build plate before a print you would have to be pretty inattentive not to notice the lid hitting the lever when you close it. Another design that didn’t hit would have much more of a chance to be forgotten.

Thanks, I got your point.
I just wanted to poke fun at the messy and juggling-like process of getting the build plate out, mating it to the stand, and closing the lid to avoid resin deterioration while not forgetting to close the lever and not spreading resin all over.
There is some kind of contrast between how “cool” and “dignified” the printer looks, while you are fooling around with sticky gloves , moving levers and lids back and fro, trying to contain the mess with paper towels and IPA.

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If robots can do it…