Form 2 Form 3 - Finishing order - Dry before removing supports or after?

I’m sing Both Form 2 and Form 3 printers and standard V4 Grey. Should remove the support structures before or after drying the print? Many discussion talk about when to post cure, but i cant seem to find anywhere which step to do first Dry for 30 minutes or immediately remove supports. Sometimes the surface of the print can be scratched some with both methods. Thank you in advance for responding and helping my novice inquiry!

I’ve seen people do it both ways and I don’t see a drastic difference in either direction. Personally, I print much smaller models so I usually remove them after the IPA bath and let it dry for a little. When it first comes out of the IPA bath, the material tends to be kind of sticky and rubbery. Trying to snap them off is a bit hard, especially in areas that are tighter and have very little material or thickness to them. Sometimes I cure the entire part before snipping off the support too, but that depends really on the size of your part.

By using 0.3mm touchpoints you can remove the supports before the print goes into the cleaning bath. This will extend the life of the cleaning solution.