When do you separate the part from the supports?

Admittedly I’m confused, as I read the instructions as just after the IPA bath, you separate the part from the supports. But I read a post suggesting first separating from the supports, then doing the IPA bath. And if you do wait until after the IPA bath to remove from the supports, do you let it dry for some period of time?

I ask because I just printed the butterfly logo - and it looked great! But after IPA it was a little tacky and i felt like I shouldn’t be handling it until it was dry. So I was confused about removing from the supports, but I did it anyway.

What is giving the best results?



I generally leave the supports on until the part is fully clean and dry. I’d rather increase the impurities of my IPA bath than to get goo everywhere trying to remove supports. IPA is cheaper than cost of replacing my nippers.

I’ve been thinking the opposite: I’d rather take the part off the support before the alcohol bath so I can be sure to clean/cure the bottom side of the part as well as possible. I’ve only really done a few parts, but I’ve decided that the supports retain resin and make it harder for the alcohol to reach areas around them.

I’ve, personally, been leaving the base and supports stuck to the build platform until I already have the part soaking in alcohol.