When is the best time to remove the build supports?

When in the curing process is the best time to remove the base and build supports? I am using gray resin V3 and usually let the part from the build base and supports several days later, but it also gets brittle if you wait too long. Any guide lines? on this.

Typically we remove the supports after curing in our homemade oven, with the part still a little bit warm. It is quite easy.
I think that removing them before cure might allow the part to warp a little more.


I prefer to remove supports either right before or right after cleaning in IPA. Simpler parts I’ll often remove supports from prior to cleaning because it improves the longevity of the IPA. More complex geometries are a bit easier to clean after soaking in IPA as the solvent will swell the contact points a bit and make them easier to remove. Removing supports after post-curing is likely to be the most challenging as curing will maximize the bond strength between the support point and part, and post-curing tends to make resin a bit more brittle.


I have never removed supports before cleaning the model in IPA. I should give that a try and see how it goes (for small simple models of course)

Removing the supports BEFORE cleaning in IPA?
OMG, what a mess. And I think, all these evaporations aren’t health-giving.

Yeah for us the time spent cleaning work surfaces and being careful not making a mess would cost us more than replacing the IPA. It’s just much simpler to clean the support after the IPA bath, and to be transparent we often print parts strong enough that we can just post-cure them on the support and peel the raft right off after that’s done… a quick sanding on the surface where the support were attached and we’re good to go.

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