When is the best time to remove your part from it's support structures?

Does anyone have advice for removing parts from support structures?

Is it better to wait for the part to completely dry, or to remove it before even giving it an isopropyl bath?


I actually moved over to removing them after shaking them a bit in the isopropyl bath, the supports being flexible make them easier to remove in some places. However you have to be careful (I often use fine clippers) so as not to damage the surface.

For all of my prints, i’ve ripped off the base in the bath and it’s been fine.  It means less stuff to clean.  For the few that don’t just come off, i wait until it’s dry and get some clippers or pliers into snap them off.

I would say it depends on the part. I like to let them dry first before removing the supports. That way the part is comfortably resting on it’s supports while it dries. However, if you have large flat areas, or parts that are long and thin, you need to be careful. Because rapid curing, under the sun for example, or uv lights, will sometimes warp the print (when thin areas cure faster than thick areas). For this, sometimes it’s better to take them off the supports right away.

And I also found that curing under direct sunlight is not as good as curing in the shade for example, in front of a window. That way it cures slower, but almost no warping, and no yellowing of the part (even the grey resin turns yellowish)

Hi Monger,
I have thin parts .5mm to 1mm

And I am get warping, but I’m cutting off the base and support right after.
But I’m thinking I should let it dry and cure while the base is still on since base it thicker and maybe will keep my part from warping?

Any thoughts on this ?
Also to be clear - the base is what I call the thick 2mm part thats the floor, and the calling the pillars that connect to the part as supports.

Without seeing the parts it’s hart to say. However, for thin parts that may warp, I sometimes let them cure slow and evenly. Meaning, don’t put them in the direct sun, but instead in the room away from the window and put a mirror on the opposite side also, so the part gets even UV light and slowly cures. I usually leave them for a day like that, and get no warping. If you have UV oven, and you can adjust the intensity, put it on the lowest setting and rotate/flip the part often for even curing.

The warping occurs when one area of the part cures faster than other areas of the part. So the key is low and slow…kinda like good barbeque lol.

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I had problems with thin and small parts. they cracked when clipping them off after drying completly. Can the cured resin parts made softer again to release it unbroken?

Yes, you can make them somewhat soft again. Just leave them in the IPA for an extended amount of time.