Form 2 Finishing Kit Compatability

Hi, I’ve recently picked up a used Form 1 from a friend who upgraded, and it didn’t come with the finishing tray. Is the Form 1 print bed compatible with the Form2 finishing kit, or do they have different mechanisms for attaching to the printer?

I have not seen a form 1 so I can’t say for certain that the tray will fit but from the pictures I see online they look the same so I think they would fit. But maybe @Frew can shed some light on this?

If by compatible you mean the F2 holding device for the print plate… no. Attachment is different.

Yeah, that was my question, thanks for the feedback. I may still end up picking up the Form 2 finishing kit for the tubs and tools.

You don’t need any of that fancy stuff. I don’t use it. And I own a F1+ and a F2. Holding the print platform while prying off a print is easy enough. And you can brace it against the wash tank if you need to (and when the print pops off it drops right in to the tank)… Not worth worrying about IMO.

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Yeah, you don’t need any special hardware for that, you just need some containers to hold the IPA and that’s pretty much it.

That’s what I’ve ended up doing so far, bought some nice deep plastic containers at target and a bunch of 32oz bottles of ipa. Next up is trying out some MakerJuice since Formlabs no longer makes any resins that are officially supported on a non-plus Form 1.