Form 2: finally disable faulty cartridge warnings

Here’s the untimely end of the half-full cartridge 4c-0000006bf649:

Its successor, cartridge 4c-0000007917f8, is actually still full. But the printer thinks 205 mL of resin are already gone, because it tried to use that cartridge without success.

That’s because 4c-0000007917f8 has abysmal manufacturing quality. No matter how hard I push the valve, there’s no hole. Because the cut wasn’t deep enough:

I have already asked for this about 3 years ago, shortly after I bought the printer, because I’ve had those spurious cartridge warnings and errors since day one:

I have also already paid for a replacement of the cartridge valve motor assembly, but sadly that did not help. What helps a bit is if I carefully examine each cartridge and the cut it open if your factory botched the valve cut again. But me doing your QA doesn’t feel right for a premium machine.

But now that you’re selling the Form 4 and my old Form 2 is more like a legacy machine, maybe you could finally add an option to disable all those warnings and errors? I know it won’t increase corporate profits … but it’s the right thing to do!

And if you hope to see any loyalty upgrades from your customers … how about you being loyal to your customers first? :wink:

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