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Form 1+ software in a form 1?

Hello People,

I currently have 2 formlabs working for me, a form 1 and a form 1+. I want to be able to set the newer calibrations of resins (v3, v4, ect…) on my original form 1. Can I take the programming and software out of the form 1+, copy it, and port it into the original form 1? Thanks peeps

Off the top of my head I don’t believe that will work, but I’ll absolutely ask around the office a bit to see if anyone from those days has some insights. :slight_smile:

There are hardware changes between the Form 1 and 1+ that would make this difficult:

  • The 1+ has a higher-power laser diode, and I believe material settings take advantage of the higher range
  • The 1+ also has a custom driver for the galvonometers, which is tuned differently vs the Form 1 galvos