Form 1+ Failing on Phone Case Repeatedly



I am trying to print a phone case (See links) and the print seems to fail about 90% of the time. I have only had one print that almost finished with only a pinhole in it that failed. Most of the prints fail just like this one.



It seems like this has a much higher failure rate then when I first got the device. I have had to change out the bed motor previously and have had issues with the base plate sticking to the bottom of the container.

I have used both z-vat(s) and the default FormLabs containers with the same end results. I am using the white resin for the form labs 2.

When I talked to the z-vat person he said the sticking to the bottom was a result of z-vat calibration. Since talking to them I have not made any changes and the sticking seems to have stopped but the failed prints are still occurring.

Does anyone have any ideas?

FYI: I have the most recent version of Preform on my computer if that matters.



Did you try rotating it on z so it it isn’t as parallel to the hinge. I have run parts similar but kept them at 45 to the hinge and as vertical as possible to reduce marking on the surfaces. from the supports.



I have tried rotating the design both ways. Let me try to go more vertical and see if the results change.



Do you have another resin other than white? There might be a problem with the resin if you had already rotated z at 45.

Basically you want the tallest supports towards hinge side, and minimize the peel force by having thin edges perpendicular to the hinge. Increasing slope will reduce loss of detail on supports side.
When I printed a similar shape I put the supports on the face so clean up was easier and also because I had detailed features on the inside. I tried to find the form file so I could post a screen cap of the orientation. At any rate there could be an issue with the white resin, I vaguely remember seeing issues on the forums with the white resin.



On monday I’ll give the print another go in the same resin. If it happens again I will try another.

I have changed the resin previously from the the MakerJuice Black previously.



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