Foreign particle in between film of resin tank, safe to use?

I received this resin tank for my Form 3 and there is a black spot in the tank.
Tried wiping it off from either sides but turns out there is something in between the film and is actually pushing against it.
My question is, is it still safe to use it? Will the abrasion cause the film to tear? Will it affect my prints because it’s blocking the laser?

Give it a shot. It ought to print fine. But that might not be a speck of foreign object debris, it might be a leak. After the first print, reinspect and if you have something that looks like this, pour the resin out (back in to the cartridge if you don’t have another tray) and complain to FL about a defective tank… (note, this tank also printed fine, in spite of the large blot of leaking resin)…

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That was a leaking tank? Did it leak through into the machine or just in between the film?

I tried cleaning my tank and there was a protrusion, so it’s actually pressing against the film.
Feels really risky to just wing it and allow the LPU to rub against that debris.

Funny enough, the tank was actually given to me by a Formlabs representative. The packaging was already opened, so I was paranoid and decided to do a closer check, which led to the discovery of the black dot. I wonder if it was actually a rejected piece that was returned but accidentally passed on to me.
(already contacted them but no replies so far)

It didn’t leak through in to the machine. In fact, it stopped growing in size about as you see it. But I did two prints after first noticing a small dime-sized blotch. I think to some extent, a pin hole leak like this is self-sealing. The first time the laser hits the leaked-through resin it is going to solidify and plug the leak…

If it’s on the underside of the tank bottom, you might be able to blow it out. But if you can wait for FL to advise, that’s probably the better option…

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