Foam in resin tank

I read in a previous thread about foam in the resin tank. I’ve had alllot of foam building up using grey resin. Ive only done eight prints but the last one has pin holes on the surface. I was printing at .1 mm. Is this the cause of the pin holes? Should i get the foam out before printing? If so how?

Excess foam leaves a scum on the finished prints that doesn’t always wash off. Pinholes are caused by either dust on the optical window or particles of cured resin in the resin tank. You should filter the resin from the tank with a 180 mesh paint filter whenever you have a failed print to avoid floating bits o resin in the tank.

If the foam gets trapped under the build platform you can have issues that are not caused by dust.

How resins that foam get past a failure mode analysis stage I will never know. My guess is that it’s purely cost driven as the old resins didn’t have this issue.

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