Floating Jelly Blobs

Hi All,

I just wanted to make sure that I am understanding whats going on with the partially cured resin "Jelly " blobs and failed prints.

I’m attaching a crude diagram to make sure that what I’ve illustrated is what we think is going on in the resin tank that causes feature failures and part failures.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Tem,

I don’t think it’s diffraction. Actually, ever since they replaced my printer, I don’t get any more jelly (or not too much). In my observations, the jelly resin is produced when the laser is not calibrated properly, meaning the dot is not a dot but an oval or a smeared dot. So basically your part cured, but also some of the light is bleeding to the side and curing the surrounding resin a bit, creating the jelly.

I suggest you open a ticket and try the dot test to make sure your laser is calibrated properly.

Thanks for the advice Monger.

I just noticed something about the resin tank. There is what appears to be a sheet, or thin layer, of resin that has partially cured along the 4 vertical walls. It is not consistent in height from the resin level, or from the top edge of the resin tank. It seems to be tearing/falling off the wall in odd shaped sheets and floating around in the resin. 
I will try a laser dot test and maybe a good resin tank cleaning too.

How long did it take to receive the replacement printer?

After doing a little bit of rough resin filtering, and removing several jelly blobs, my last 2 prints have worked out fine. I still haven’t managed to put time into cleaning off the “film” yet.