Flexible Support Size vs Elastic

Hey Guys,

Just curious why the default support size for flexible is so much larger than for Elastic. In the past, I’ve gone down to 1mm support size for Flexible with a higher support density.

I’m using a Form 2 and exclusively use LT tanks.

Has anybody tried printing Flexible with the same support settings as Elastic?

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I haven’t print in flexible for very long time as it is hard to get a nice and clean parts after removing the supports.

For the elastic, I commonly used 0.5-0.6 mm support tip. Just easyer to remove and working good.

The differences taking into account the detaching forces of the part from the LT tank. It might be harder for the flexible then the elastic to detach.

It has to do with the Elastic resin has WAY MORE support contact points than the flexible at the same density. The elastic needs the extra points as it will deform without them during printing (due to the super high elasticity) and to help from printing a solid block as supports, preform will reduce touch point size, as the reduced contact area is made up with the more points.

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