Elastic resin touchpoint size?

Hi there

I can’t seem to find any information ANYWHERE from Formlabs giving me recommendations for the minimum touchpoint size when using the Elastic V1 resin.

They give recommendations for Flexible, but not elastic.

Recommended for flexible is 1.6 - 2.2mm. But I can’t even make mine go above 1.3mm in Preform?

Thanks for help in advance.

The default touchpoint size for Elastic in PreForm is 0.7mm, and that was chosen as the default it’s probably going to work pretty well for most prints. Elastic prints very differently than Flexible, and so it doesn’t make sense to make touch points that large on it.

If you want to try smaller touch points than 0.7mm on Elastic, you may have to increase your support density factor to compensate, which will also mean printing more support trusses and using more resin to do so. I don’t think I’ve gone smaller than 0.6mm personally, but 0.7mm seems good enough to me so at this point I don’t mess with it when printing a supported Elastic part.

Does this help clear it up?

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