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Flexible 80A - New Print Options

The print profile for the Form3L is still in beta version. Are there any development for default options or 50 or 25 micron printing?

What about supports? Preform uses a lot of Flexible80A for supports compared to other resins.

Given the flexibility of the cured resin, there isn’t much you can do other than use an enormous amount of support material.

Increasingly my strategy with flexible materials (and any material, really) is to design the part so that its printing requires minimal support.

Has anyone printed in Elastic 50A or Flexible 80A so far, with their Form3L ?
How is it going with these resins?

I’ve printed lots of 80A on my 3L, works greast!

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Also great on my end, even printing directly on the build platform.

Hey! Thank you for your reply!
I will try both soon.

Do you have problems with the mixer? The mixer comes off during the starting mix.
“Paused with mixer check failure”

Not that I remember. But I know the mixer can pop off if the resin isn’t warm enough…happens with my other resins sometimes.

I think you are right, because this occur at the beginning of filling tank procedure.
In the Form 3L, it doesn’t smell good! Elastic 50. :nauseated_face:

Yeah some resins smell gross :sweat_smile: make sure you have good ventilation!