Flexible resin - part detaching from supports

with flexible resin - after every layer , when the resin tank moves - the part is caught by the resin tank and pulled and gets twistedScreenHunter%2088ScreenHunter%2094

you can see on the photos - two photos during printing- one has diagonal supports. and on the finished part you can see the result - supports detached from part

@Frew maybe you have an idea please ?

Thanks !

I’ve had that happen with Grey resin. I try to use small touch points as my parts are small. .25mm work best “most” of the time. But on occasion they aren’t enough and parts if not all of the print pull away from the supports. That happens maybe 2% of the time. It also has to to with the shape of the part being printed. Possibly changing the orientation, if possible because of drainage if hollow, can make a difference.

Thanks Walter!
we used grey resin many times and was ok. we have a specific issue with flexible …

I add about 10% FLEX to the Grey to give it that bit of flex it needs as I print some real small thin parts.

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