Flexible resin - Every print is failing !?

A year ago I bought flexible resin but I never used it until today where I wanted to print a stamp.
The date on the cartridge is September 1 2018 so the cartridige about 1 year old but according to formlabs the resin’s shelf life is about 24 months. So this cartridge did not expire, right?

But whatever I do, everything fails. For printing a stamp Formlabs even has a “how to” page and they recommend printing the stamp directly on the build platform.

When I do that, it looks like the first layers are already spread out quite a bit. The whole print is spread out on each layer printing something totally useless.

I forgot to take pictures but I can certainly print again and provide pictures if anyone in here is willing to help.

I’m just wondering if there’s something special to the Flexible resin and/or if this is a known “problem” that can somehow be fixed.

old resin tank maybe ?

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