Date of expiry of the printer cartridge


we have a 3D-Printer FORM 2, SN: DazzlingSquab

There we have the printer cartridge “TOUGH FLTOTL05“.

Can you please tell me where I can find the date of expiry of the printer cartridge and what I have to do there?

Thank you very much,

Bernd Pastorek

Sticker near the bite valve shows the day of production. Add 1 year to that.

It is 3 weeks over the date. What happens now?

Regards, Bernd

Resins is good for 24 month’s.
You can find it in my last post of old resin.

Keep in mind that if you are not using it for long term, you need to agitate both the cartridge and tank.
Mine just got separated to layers so it was completely unusable.

Formlabs expiration link:

If it did not seperated to layers or became viscous then just keep use it.

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I used resin couple days ago from 2017 maybe april or may, it was fine with brand new resin tank, I also mixed V2 and V4 nothing happened… Although this resin (WHITE V2) is little yellowish and V4 have better layers than V2 I can see layers on 50 microns. Just shake it good.