Expired Tough2000

I have a question about expired Tough2000 resin. How long can this be used if the expiration date says it’s expired? I could get 4 cartridges of Tough2000 Resin, but they expired in September. Does anyone have experience with that?

Thanks Sebastian

I’ve used non Form resin 2 years after the exp date and it was fine. You run the risk of parts not having as good mechanical properties, or insufficient curing on your prints, but it’s likely fine.

Hi @charger_01,

Good question - as @ctbrahmstedt mentioned, you can certainly try using the resin at your own risk. If you do, I would recommend filtering the resin first in order to remove any potential settled material.

I had some that didn’t print properly 2 years after purchase, which suffered a lot of dimensional bleed. But if yours only expired in September it ought to be OK. Try a small print and see if it measures what its supposed to.

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