Flexible: how thin can it get?


what is the thinest/finest you were able to print with flexible resin on Form2? I have ~0.9-1mm walls, and the entire print is rather long and flat, so I’m worried. PreForm says that the piece is printable, but I thought I’d ask the community first.
Would appreciate any and all experience/suggestions! :slight_smile:

I have no experience with Flexible, but given long and flat parts are problematic with all resins it will only be worse with Flexible… I’d add a shitload of support if your design allows it, and try to find a consensus with the orientation between low cross-section per layer and minimum height over build platform.

Since there are few talks about Flexible on the forums, don’t hesitate to give us a feedback ! Photos would be great if you are able to :stuck_out_tongue:

I once printed a square tube with 1mm to 2mm wall thickness(and on some places thinner) and a length of 140mm. I had to print this one vertical due to the way it was designed(one side was open so you could fit it around another tube), but it would bent several millimeters during the peeling action. So yeah, it is possible!

Did it get back into its original shape before the next layer then ? That’s interesting to know if that’s the case !

Yes it did!

It was funny and scary to watch at the same time. I think in the end it would move close to 1cm before releasing.

Still have a picture somewhere, parts came out clean and sharp.

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I’ve read on one of the forums that freezing the platform and prints before peeling them off / cutting the supports off is a useful life hack to ensure that the parts stay intact. just stick it in the freezer, lol. didn’t try it myself yet though

No need for flexible resin. It’s easy to remove from the platform.

With peeling action I mean the one that happens every layer.

Just curious - what was the failing rate for you like on flexible? for big pieces?

Also, do you think that snap fits is something that is at all possible on flex? I’ll only be able to try it after Christmas, unfortunately :frowning:

snap! that does sound scary. i sure look forward to experimenting with it

could you elaborate on “low cross section per layer” part? why is that so important?

I’ve had a few supports breaking as the point size was too small but that’s about it. No serious problems really… Except for that one time when I tried printing full platform size(a cube of 140x140mm). The printer jammed and it took some effort to get the platform from the tank.

Snap fits on flexible resin won’t work. It’s way too flexible(less than rubber band but too flexible to snap). Try durable.

The lower the cross section for each layer, the lower the force to peel the layer off the tank bottom. The bigger the layer cross section, the higher the force. This force will act on your part and your supports. So you can get away with smaller supports and better print results if you keep it as small as possible.


cheers, thanks for your help!

I’ve successfully printed several lattices in the Flexible resin with sections as thin as 0.5mm. Keep in mind those thin features were only 10mm long before the lattice thickened again. Also, I placed no supports on the thin members, just oriented the part accordingly and supported the areas just before the thin features started and right after they ended.

You do have to be careful when washing and curing such thin features though, as I’ve found that the recommended amount of IPA cleaning and recommended cure temperature tended to warp the thin sections.

Interesting! alternating the lattices makes a lot of sense, I certainly should incorporate that in my design. Thanks!

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