Flexible 80A failures

Hey all,

I’m encountering some failures where the first layers of flex 80A aren’t sticking to the build plate. I’ve printed directly on the platform many times with this resin but seem to be all of a sudden having issues.

I see this problem with a brand new tank as well. I’m attempting a reprint after sanding down the build plate. Anyone encounter something similar before?

New photo by Philip Tsao

Sanding down the build plate and rotating the orientation 90 degrees did not help. Really curious about this…in the past, both Flexible and Elastic prints directly on the build plate worked wonderfully well. Not sure if this has something to do with a FW or SW update…

I’ve been running a lot of test parts in 80A trying to understand assorted issues.

I have noticed a variation where a section of our newer build place appears to offer less adhesion and parts have failed.

Not 100% sure what the issue was, but I ran another small test print after these failures with simple squares. One flat on the build plate and one tilted with a raft. Both came out successfully.

I then re-sliced the original STL in a brand new instance of Preform and it printed successfully last night (although it’s in a slightly different location on the build plate).

It’s not super clear whether this was a build plate location issue, or a Preform bug. I have my suspicions that it’s actually the latter, as my simple square test had the test parts intersecting in the original failed location.


I’ve a suspicion that different area’s of the build plate produce less reliable results. I’m struggling to get reliable 2 up builds on the same part, same orientation and same supports. Generally 1 will print and 1 will fail.

Parts to the front of the platform are much less reliable, as are parts to the ‘non wiper’ side.

It’s frustrating as a 50% success rate and 2x the build time for a given quantity makes the process much less viable.

I’ll try printing it back in the original spot but I did try two different tanks and two different build plates so I have a suspicion that there was a weird bug in Preform. I’ve noticed Preform croaks sometimes when you edit parameters on a part that is sliced with no raft (ie. directly on the build plate).