Fleet Control - Unable to view print time estimate

A major missing element in Fleet Control is the ability to view estimated print times for each job so that we can queue them accordingly (i.e. short prints completed during working hours, long prints done overnight). Print time can be seen in Preform and at the printer, but not in Dashboard until the job is tasked and already started by a printer. Our organization purchased Fleet Control in order to better coordinate prints as a team, and this massive gap in the function of Fleet Control limits the usefulness for us.

Thanks for your feedback, that indeed looks like a missing because of an oversight. The team will take a look.

Hi, print time estimations are now available in Fleet Control queues. Is this what you had in mind?


I was very happy to see that update in the queue. It is exactly what we
were looking for. Thank you for asking.

Erik Blematl

Manufacturing Engineer
Humphrey Products
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