Flashing and misprinting


I am having a bit of trouble with my Form 2 using the Fun To Do F1= resins.

I have seen others getting very good results with these resins using the Grey settings at 0.05mm, however I seems to get a horrendous flashing effect all over the print and it is also blistering.

Drop Box Images Here

I have used brand new resin trays and have checked to ensure there are no streaks on the optics.

Does anyone have any ideas?


It’s over curing–which is typical of third-party resins, they cure faster than the Formlabs resins, so what’s happening is that it cures too much and puts stress on the print when it tries to separate. You can try and use the Clear material setting and that may help (I think it’s the setting with the lowest exposure time). But it might not work properly with any material preset.

I had the same exact issue with FTD F1+ Gray, even in Open Mode. Ruined two trays with it. Funny enough, it had been working fine in Open Mode before a firmware upgrade. Now, I’m scared to try it again, which the conspiracist in me says was the intended result…

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