First print - nothing

So the Form1 finally arrives today after 4 months of delays… and no AU cable.  Run to the electronics shop, fix that problem.

Get home, power it all up, and set a print, it starts, and I walk away.  3 and a half hours later I come back (estimated time for the job: 2:45) and there’s… nothing.

Not even a congealed, semi cured bit in the bottom of the printer.  Just… nothing.

So 3 hours, 700+ layers… and nothing comes through, at all?

And yes, I did remove the cling film from the bottom of the tray, ever so carefully without touching it, and the build platform.

What gives?

I would first verify that your laser is working.  It sounds like it is not or you would have bits and goo at the bottom of the vat.

I would then open a support ticket.  Hopefully they can get you up and running without needing to replace it.

Good luck.


I saw pretty lights, well, kinda, through the slude, so I’m going to guess that the laser is on.

I’m running another attempt at a print now, if this one fails there will definitely be a ticket opening.

Right, second print happened.  Didn’t add supports this time and set it to 0.05mm instead of the initial 0.025mm, and it worked.  Hopefully I can get it to work on 0.025mm  in the future, as there’s some artifacting from the printing process that I’d like to avoid in the future and a few small holes, which may owe to bubbles in the gloop.

Hi Jake. Sorry to hear you are having issues. I would suggest posting some pics and perhaps even a video to help narrow down the troubleshooting … Formlabs support is likely to ask for this anyways. It’s best to help them see the problem visually, so they, and perhaps the community can help pinpoint the problem and expedite helping you.



Sorry you are having these issues with the new printer,  please if they persist open  ticket with our customer support team, so we can work together to resolve what is going on.