First print failure on Form2 in 14 months - Confused

I have been using the form2 for 14 months now and have had 100% success with everything I design and print … until today. I had the very strange failure and I wonder if anyone can tell from looking at this what might have happened.

It appears that the machine simply forgot to print part of the model and later remembered again and picked up where it was and continued. Very strange.

Update, I just found this piece of debris in the resin tank. Not sure why it was there or where it came from … but it’s roughly the size and shape of the missing piece, however it seems to only be about one layer thick. This is very odd.

It looks like something that happened to me some time ago. This is what happens when something breaks off the supports during printing. After it has broken off there so no longer any structure to hold new cured resin to the platform and thus will keep building on the silicone layer. At some point a slice exists that does offer support and it seems like it ‘forgot’ a part; the cured resin needs to be dislodged from the silicone at some point by the way in order to properly build at that point.

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