New Form 2 Print Problems

I am a dentist and just got a new form 2 last week for dental model printing.

Right away I printed a few models in one shot using the grey resin I got and had great results.

Since the first or second print though, I have been having failed prints every time.

The cured resin appears to be sticking to the silicone layer at the bottom of the tank.

What I end up with is a builld platform with a base and a bunch of 2-3mm nub supports, nothing else.

Then, if I remove the tank, there is cured resin stuck the the silicone layer in a thin layer.

I have scraped that layer of the silicone, replenished the resin, let PreForm orient and do supports, changed support thickness and number, etc w no solution yet. Same issue every time.

The printer is literally a week old so I can’t see it being wear and tear, and everything is clean like new.

Please help!

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