First layer not sticking to bed!

We are printing with clear material, new tray the 1st layer is not sticking to bed… Even if the job is made it has the extra material at the bottom

Have you recently removed the glass window onto the laser cavity to clean it?
If you’ve replaced it and tightened the screws down onto the springs too far, the print platform won’t contact the top layer of the resin tank, because it’s too low. Undo the screws by 2 1/4 to 2 3/4 turns to raise it.
The print platform needs to press down onto the resin tank when starting a print to ensure the first few layers stick.

Wow - has the advice from Formlabs changed? The glass cleaning instructions talk of NOT removing the screws that set the height of the resin tank - In fact it seems that if you do you may need to get the printer factory recalibrated

From the optical glass removal instructions:


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