First "Big" Project - Sci Fi battle tank

Hello all!

Wanted to show off my first big project- custom designed battle tank for a miniature wargame army. I’ve styled it somewhat after the tank seen in the Halo video games, with a little of my own flair thrown in. Total build is ~600ml of resin, and 16 unique parts. 220mm long, 110mm tall, and 140mm wide.

Initial 3D model

Hull Print

Built, almost complete

Primed and shaded


Fits right in with the rest of the models…

Quarter for scale

Little Details
Very, very happy about how well the Form 2 can handle this detail. The text (while not quite legible here) is very clear in person - it’ 1.5mm text hight and .15mm thick, and still shows up well at 100um!

What I learned:
Export my STL’s at a higher/highest detail. The default export setting in Autodesk Inventor is not high enough for this 3D printer. Lots of rounded faces got turned into very visable n-gons, which is really not that big of a deal but I know how to fix it.
Lots of places where more cleaning is needed- this is mostly just lazyness on my part, but my plan is to do quite a bit of weathering so many of these places will get covered with “dirt” and “grime”.

Overall, pretty happy with this project. got lots still left to do with details but the ones I have done are coming along nicely!

And here’s a sneak peek at my next one:


Love it ! Are the tracks printed/rigid, or flexible?

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Are the tracks printed/rigid, or flexible?

They are modeled as individual pieces, but they overlap enough so that when I export the STL it forms a continuous part. The treads, the bogeys (or whatever the suspension units in a tank are called) and the structure are all one piece, and the wheels are separate and glued into place where they are visible. This sub-assembly is then slid into the bottom of the tread module.