First real big print with Photocentic3d grey

After a lot of testing with the Photocentric3d firm grey on the Form1+, I finally startet a big print.

now i know i have a lot of cleaning up too do, and the support points are a little sunk inn to the figure but i still love it.

say hello to the T51 power armor


How big is big? Dimensions please.

12.4 cm tall
6.1 cm with
about 5 cm deep.

you need other .STL´s :wink:

it is part hollow ?

the chest part is hollow but legs and arms are solid.

I considered that from thingiverse, maybe the next print

have you heard what of ,
you need to make an ID, then you can add in STL hollow object shapes, saving you time and material.

Meshmixer is superb for hollowing out models.

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Thank you very much. I’ve been trying to make some machine parts a little bigger on a F1+ and loose about 60%. They start out fine but about 1/2 to 2/3 thru I get a point failure that propagate across the entire build… Just about given up on the F1+, hoped to use it for rapid prototyping but couldn’t meet the schedule the customer needed due to failures to print. Hope you have better luck.

It’s a nice looking print, I would offer one piece of advice though, don’t try to print as a single piece, quite often it makes more sense to print several sections and assemble later. this gives you much more control over where supports need to be placed, and you can align pieces in the optimum orientation.

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Over the weekend i will try the one that need assembly.
This was just a direct scan from the fallout loadingscreen.
So if i where to split it i would have to use more software that i dont know how works