Firmware Updated to rc-1.8.9-27 and Clear Resin Print Not Sticking to the Platform

Today the firmware of my Form 2 got updated to rc-1.8.9-27. A model was printed with Clear Resin at 0.025 mm layer height before the update and it came out well. After the firmware had been updated, the 8-hour long Clear Resin print (0.025 mm layer height as well) had a curling problem at the base where it was supposed to stick to the platform. Half of the base is in the air, but the final print did not fail - so lucky.

Anyone know if this has something to do with the firmware update? This is my 1st time having the base curling problem.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, forgot to say that the Clear Resin is Version 2 (FLGPCL02).

Same thing (after Firmwareupdate) happens to me with black resin, but my parts fall off build platform :frowning: . I used Fine Tuning (Z -0,2) and everything is ok now.

It looks like the base is too thin, it looks almost half what I would think it normally would be.

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Update -

The print after this print was successful. The reason may be one of the two or both:

  1. The 2nd print was 50 microns layer height;
  2. I found that after upgrading to the new firmware THE FORM 2 STARTS A PRINT WITHOUT WAITING FOR THE RESIN TANK TO HEAT TO 30°C. The 2nd print was started right after the 1st one, which means the resin was heated.

Now I have to turn the printer on, wait for the resin tank to heat to 30°C, and start the print. Hope the support team put this function back in the next firmware update!

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