Print doesn't stick on the platform

Hello Everyone,
I am having troubles to print a part and I am writing to ask for suggestions.

I tried to print a small part, base dimension about 2 x 1.5 cm. It didn’t stick on the buildig platform, instead I found some sintered resin on the bottom of the tank.

I removed the sintered resin using the scraper and a comb, I stirred the resin and I tried again with a bigger part. This time the support base sticked just partially to the platform but the print is failing anyway.

About one month and half ago I printed two parts and everything worked fine. Please, what should I do next? Is there a minimum size of the part to be builded?


which Preform version are you using?


Oftentimes, this can be corrected via a feature on your printer called fine tuning which you can find under settings. We recommended iterating and changing the platform offset by about -.05mm until things are adhering well. Fine tuning lowers the build platform and “squishes” the first layers a bit more so they adhere better.

If you’re still having issues, I encourage you to get in touch with our support team so they can help get everything running smoothly. It always helps the support team when you mention what PreForm and Firmware versions your printer is running in the ticket.

HI Frew,

I am not disagreeing wth you but what you see there is the same issue i am having and have posted about in this thread…

and now also this thread…

I think Form labs needs to accept that something has changed with the latest updates (firmware and software) that is making this happen.

The sooner this is looked into your end the quick we can all get printing again.


Thanks for the heads up. I had a print fall from the platform over the weekend after getting a bit too ambitious with contact point sizes and support densities so I know it can be frustrating to have issues with adherence. The threads you linked are great resources and the troubleshooting steps in the first one are very well done. I’ve made sure the print-production team is aware of the issue some users are having and they’re actively looking into it.

Hello Frew,

we are waiting for an update.

At the moment I prepare my parts with Preform 2.7.1 and printing with Preform 2.6.1.
I am going no risk with a platform full of parts, my Form2 runs every day roundabout 18 hours.


Thank you all for your posts. The PreForm version I am using is 2.5.0,

Firmware version rc-1.5.7-310

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Hi Cristina,

I think with both of your versions (Preform 2.5.0, Firmwarerc-1.5.7+310) you don`t have preheating problems.

So you have to test the fine tunig of the z-axis, look at the post from “Frew”.


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