Firmware Update Failed


I having continuous issues updating firmware. I am using PreForm 2.4.1 and trying to push firmware 1.3. I have had several network issues but I believe they have been conquered. I am on a wireless network at my employer. I have experience and I am also a Makerbot 5th Gen owner. I could really use some help. Thank you.


Could you share details about the nature of the issues? What type of error or message are you receiving when you’re unable to update your firmware?

Without knowing specifics, my best guess is that Preform 2.4.1 may only be compatible with the latest firmware, version 1.5.7. You may need to downgrade PreForm in order to use a lower firmware version. Check out some details in a topic about Error 41.

Not sure what is the reason for pushing firmware 1.3; if you are having any trouble with the Form 2, please get in touch.

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