Finishing Station: Dishwasher Safe?

Howdy! I’m a little new to the formlabs and 3D printing in general. I’ve just found myself spending the evening changing out the resin cartridge and tank on my Form 2 from grey resin to clear resin. In doing so, I wondered how best to clean out the finishing station’s basins and accessories, and came up with the idea that I might be able to wash them all in the dishwasher, but I wanted to ensure that they’d be safe before going and doing it. I haven’t yet found any article or forum entry surrounding the topic, nor any guide or troubleshooting that gives me any information about it. If anybody has any information about this, I would be very grateful to hear from you.


My gut tells me that the resin will not be very good for your dishwasher.


I’ve found it best to clean the station tools and my work surface after every day of use. This keeps the sticky mess to a minimum. I just use a spray bottle of cheap denatured alcohol from the hardware and a cloth.

For the basins/containers, just pour the old IPA into a plastic container (strain it if you like) and store. Wipe the containers out and add IPA for the clear. Done.

I would keep all resins away from any place that could contact food.

To echo what @FredB said, the resins are NOT food safe. If it were a dishwasher used only for the purpose of cleaning the prints, then that would be a neat idea worth exploring. But do not use the same dishwasher for the purposes of cleaning prints and washing your dishes!

Yeah, since it has the liquid resin on there it won’t be safe for the dishwasher. Also, it cleans better with IPA so water wouldn’t be as effective

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I just clean everything with IPA.

We keep a whole bunch of it anyways for cleaning the prints, so it doesn’t hurt to squirt a little bit onto a disposable towel and clean up any sticky spots. Just don’t use it anywhere near the printer. The acrylic cover and resin tank are not IPA safe.