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Filtering Grey Pro

A while back we had a questionable print on our Form 3 with grey pro resin, so we decided to change out the tank. To ensure a fresh start, we followed the instructions for cleaning up after a failed print and tried to pass the grey pro resin through a filter with a vacuum assist. We noticed a thick layer of very fine particulate immediately clog the filter, making it impossibly slow, so we gave up and disposed of the resin in the old tank. At the time, we chalked it up to having some questionable prints.

I’m wondering now though if the grey pro resin is designed to have particles suspended within it. Does anyone know if that is the case? What is your advice on transferring grey pro resin to a new tank, especially after questionable prints?

In my experience the Grey Pro does indeed have suspended solids that readily settle out. I often go some time without printing and find the Grey pro requires significant agitation of the cartridge to redistribute the solids. I even bought some Ø8mm ball bearings that I drop into the cartridge to help break up the sediment so it can be reincorporated more easily. I then fish them back out with some magnets before I put it in the printer. If I have a tank with Grey Pro that has sat for any amount of time I have a good scrape around with a plastic scraper and give it a good mixing before starting a print. I just use a paint strainer if I need to filter after a print failure or whenever I’m returning resin to a cartridge.