Failed print dental models

Hi just printed 2 large dental models in grey resin at quickest speed, they were orientated on there back edge. The resin had been used a week before and stored in the tray lid on and in a cupboard. They models were placed straight into form wash thinking they looked good but once they came out of the IPA the truth was clear to see voids and very obvious layers and resin still soft. When finger nail pressed on surface the resin marked easily. Any ideas please.

100 micron parts will sometimes show layering on regions where edges are quickly tapering inwards like the top of your models. Can you check the optical window on your printer and check the bottom of your tank to make sure that there aren’t any small specs that might be causing the voids you’re seeing? If you’re noticing that your parts are soft, you might try post-curing them, though being able to press a fingernail in doesn’t sound typical even for uncured parts.

Thanks Frew, yes the optical window had dust and specks on it we are new to 3d printing so thanks for your response. Are we best to print at an angle with supports, as after cleaning the window I tried another print, will see how that turns out.

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