Failed print at base level with new bases (2.14.0)

I don’t remember having a print fail while printing the base since Form1 days.

Something does not quite work as well with the new base algo, as i’ve had a print fail just now (1 out of 3 total) while printing the base. The base detached from the platform at some point during base layers, and i was left with a cake of hardened resin at the bottom of the tray.

Things to note:

  • i was printing a thin, but high area object, resulting in a base that covers a significant percentage of the tray/platform
  • i was printing with durable resin (has lower adhesion to platform, due to flexibility in green state)
  • peel forces using the new RIP-Z-and-PRAY peel algorithm, that’s been in use for the past year, and which is supposed to reduce peel forces (which is still counter-intuitive to me), are so high that you can see the tray FLEX during the peel
  • from the looks of the “cake” at the bottom of the tray, and the leftovers on the platform, it looks like the base was ripped off the platform during a peel, at some layer around 1mm thickness

I haven’t tried the new firmware yet, i just hope it’s not making the peel even worse. Speed isn’t everything, reliability is.

Are you generation new supports + base along with new firmware? Not sure but you might get better results with the new firmware paired with the new preform. My understanding was that the new base design was supposed to reduce adhesion and suction forces on the tray.

I have also had issues with the new software and firmware and had to revert to 2.13.1 it seems like platform moves too fast and that creates artifacts on print surfaces, specifically on vertical surfaces.

Nope, i used new Pre-Form, but haven’t updated to the latest firmware until after i was done with the recent prints. I was running the version immediately preceding the latest one.

Mine too, but i haven’t noticed that. I did notice reduced adhesion to the build platform, however.

What kind of artifacts? Did they look anything like this:

And no, these aren’t hardened resin that wasn’t washed properly. These prints haven’t seen the light of day yet, much less UV curing. They were like that straight from the Wash. In fact, when i rinsed them with the IPA bottle before putting them in the Wash, they were already exhibiting markings/mottling like that.

I thought it might be the fogging on my tank, but that makes no sense - they’re way too sharp edged.

EDIT: Happy New Year, everyone!

No, not like that. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep those. It looked more like strands were hanging off different parts of the print with rough surface underneath.

Didn’t experience that.

But i’ve just realized the artefacts are due to odd changes in refractivity in the vat.
They’re visible as same splotches, but only when lit from an angle, and they have super-sharp boundaries.
Contacting support, as it’s obviously not related to PreForm (just noting here for posterity).