Fail Base Print Black Resin

Hi Guy,

I’m new to the SLA Printing. Got the Form 2 Printer last week. I’ve had 4 Successful prints using Clear Resin.
The Prints came out fantastic. My boss was blow away. So he asked me can we do Black I said sure.
I switch out the cartridge from Clear to Black. Also install a fresh new resin tank. Print is 11hrs.
Half way through the base which was only 6 layer. I heard a nasty sound coming from the printer. Printer stopped and notice a corner of the base was peeling. That cant be good.
Here is a picture of the Base. Looks like flakes every where. Looks like the base layers did not cure.
The resin Tank had a bunk of black Resin flakes.
The only thing I can think of that I did different was shake the cartridge to mix the resin as recommended.
Something I did not do with the Clear Resin.
Everything is Clean no dust on anything. Could it be the resin was bad.

Thank you

What is it supposed to look like? Post a screen grab from PreForm.

Describe “nasty sound”.

What do you mean “halfway through the base which was only 6 layer”? The base thickness defaults to 2mm so at 0.1mm layer height, there are 20 layers in the base. Are you saying the print was on layer 6 when the printer started making the noise?:

How did you notice a corner of the base was peeling? With only 6 layers printed, the printed resin on the build plate will be hard to see and coated in drippy resin. Unless you mean it was just sort of hanging off when the platform rose up between layers?

Why did the printer stop? Did you stop it or did it stop itself?

Go back to the clear resin and tank and confirm you can still print with that successfully.

There are a few things that can cause prints to peel off of the platform the most common being under-compression. This is usually easy to fix by lowering the platform a bit via Z fine tuning. That said, because you had successful prints in clear there might be something else going on. Our support team will be best suited to help troubleshoot and including things like screenshots of PreForm as Randy mentioned will help out.

Hi Randy,

Thank for the Quick reply. Ok maybe not at the 6th layer But for sure at the base Layer.
I notice the corner peal when the I heard the Sound like the wiper hit the layer. But my guess is when the Build platform was extracting from the Resin tank there was a suction. After that I notice lots of small flake cured resins.
The printer stopped on its own I did not stop it.

So now the crazy part is I cleaned the tank as much as I could. there was still some cures flakes of resin in the tank. Ran the print again. Came in this morning and the print was successful. When I took the park out there was flakes of resin all over the part. But after a bath of IPA part came out perfect.

So after I took the Part I cleaned the resin with a Paint strain. I’m printing some parts right now So far Form 2 running like a champ.

My conclusion to all this is when I shake the resin cartridge. I think there was some cured resin inside that was stuck to the walls. which then ended up in the Resin tank.

Glad to hear it worked out! It shouldn’t be possible for resin to cure inside the cartridge and dispense into the tank. It sounds like some cured resin may have remained in the tank after the first failure.

Our support team recommends filtering resin through a strainer after a failure. Here’s a link to the article on our support page.

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