Failed or not Failed!

I guys i was print a vase and I’m not sure if it can be considered failed but there was slight resin build up at the bottom of the tank but when i stopped the print it seemed totally fine. Every time I would unpause the print that same build up would start up again. I’m not sure it was the right move stopping it with only slight resin build up which when I paused I was able to clear off. What do you think?

Can you post up pictures. It will help us evaluate what is going on.

I have photos of the model but did not take photos of the tank during the time of failure.

Interesting. I would print something like the 5 butterflies as it uses relatively little resin. I would not clean out the goo. Document the process, take video and pictures. You can share them here for us to take a look at and I would also open a support ticket to have FL assist just incase there is an issue with the printer.

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