F1+ Tank and resin alternatives to speed up printing

X3msnake explained how to convert Peopoly tanks for F1+
I would like to speed up print jobs for the rare occasions when I have rush cases. I bought a NextDent but ended up sending it back. I was too spoiled with the F2 surface resolution, which the ND5100 definitely lacks.

I still need a speedy printer, and the F1+ was much faster than the F2. Ideally, I would use the Peopoly FEP tank and LCD resins, since they require less exposure. For now, Form Grey or HARZ model grey (for Form 2) would be great. I realize that the F1+ is lower resolution, but it would be faster to print direct to the plate. There must be a slick way to release a hollowed dental model from the plate without having to design in slot holes.

Will the resolution at 50u print be so bad because it is not set up on an angle with raft and those humongous supports?.

Has anyone figured out resin profiles for the FEP tank?

The Peopoly FEP tank is interesting because it looks like we can add mini heating elements to the tank walls and avoid the air heater … but I don’t know which is better.

Thank you. Enjoying my 2 F2s and patiently waiting for the F3.

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