F1+ Strange glint on main mirror

Hey all. So I noticed my prints have suddenly got a little worse off in the sense of small ridges appearing in areas… Took a look at the main mirror and can see a tiny pin-hole like glint. It’s definitely not dust as there is dust on the mirror and it doesn’t glint in the light. My camera lens blower doesn’t get rid of it and It looks like it could be some sort of hole? Not sure what to do right now. I have pec pads though scared I might ruin the mirror just by touching it with those as I’ve heard a few horror stories. How can a pin sized hole (if it is that) form on the mirror if it hasn’t been touched (I’m very careful with it) Is it possible the laser could have damaged it? Any advice is appreciated.

Also I would post a pic but my camera cant pick it up. The glint is only visible when I look around the area.

It’s unlikely that there’s a hole there, and certainly one couldn’t just appear without you doing anything. You shouldn’t worry about using a Pec pad on the mirror, the large mirror isn’t as big of an issue as the galvo mirrors, you just need to wipe back to front, try not to use the same part of the pad more than once, and if there’s something that’s not coming off easily then use a little IPA on the pad.
Also it’s recommended not to use a dust blower, because it can blow dust into the galvo mirror area which can be much more difficult to clean.

Ok cheers Zachary. I guess I was worried if the glint was an object on the surface and I wiped with pec pad it might scratch. With the blower it does blow dust around. Probably best to have some sort of mini hoover nozel in there to catch that dust.

If you’re worried about the particle scratching the mirror, then you can try not pressing the pad down and instead kind of brush it across the mirror and see if that removes it first

Good idea. I think that would be the only way. Though I hear the main mirror is so delicate that even a soft lens brush or moving dust on it will scratch it so that is why I’m scared to touch it. I might try cutting up the pec pad and using a piece per wipe. So dry wiping without pushing hard on the surface should be ok? I don’t know how one of these mirrors survives if resin get on them.


We have mirror cleaning instructions that you can checkout here:

Dry PEC pads won’t hurt the mirror surface. The galvo mirrors are also accessible by removing the galvo block…but I’d recommend emailing our support staff for specific instructions on that before removing anything.

Hope this helps!


ok thanks Jory, I feel a bit more confident with the pec pads after reading that :slight_smile:

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