Micro scratches on main mirror

I noticed some micro scratches on the main mirror of my Form 1+. The printer is more than a year old and I have always used the recommended PEC pads for cleaning the main mirror. I was very carefull and followed the Formlabs instructions. Does anyone have such micro scratches as well? By how much do they degrade the printing performance if at all?

There’s no way to avoid scratches if you contact the mirror with anything. The reflective coating is on the face of the glass, not the back side. It’s easy to remove that coating if even the slightest piece of grime gets between your Pec Pad and the mirror surface.

You can roughly estimate where the beam will hit the resin tank relative to the mirror. Run a print positioned in that area of the resin tank. If it comes out OK, then the scratches don’t matter. Odds are they won’t matter.

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