Error in printing using Elastic Resin

Hey Everyone!
I am currently trying to print an elastic roller. The roller looks like two frustums attached at the base and it would be used in the composites industry. I tried to make at 25, 45deg and horizontally on the build plate. While all the angled prints failed, the horizontal prints have left me in dilemma. The first print was completely adequate, barring a small hiccup (pointed in the photo), the second print completely failed. The components were printed in same configuration (supports and orientation). Can anyone please explain me why two similar prints have vastly different result?

I have uploaded the geometry of the part as well. If someone has experience in printing files like these, can you share your prints, the configuration in which you printed and general design principles for the elastic resin?


Hey @kanyuck and thanks for posting :-).

Elastic resin can be a tricky one and is exposing issues with the machine as it is not tolerating degradation of the machine.

From the picture you upload its seems that the failure occurred while printing the base of the part, there is a support and base missing. I also see it on “Defect - 1st Attempt” left side of the picture, there is a crack on the base as well.

My experience with round parts is that the support given by the automatic function is just a big mess and i’m placing support by my self. I normally place the support to also hold it from the side. Here is a picture:

I think there is some residuals left on the build platform, my suggestion is to empty the resin tank and filter it with the 190 micron paint filter mesh and have a look on the LT tank silicon for residuals. You might find there small particles stick to the silicon, clean the carefully with the shovel.

Can you please provide more information about the age of the machine, how much you used it and with what materials?


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