Need Help Identifying Print Failure


Printing on a Form 2. Tried printing a part in Durable and then in Tough. Both parts did not build
properly. First time experiencing this type of print failure. Preform is up to date and firmware is too.
Any insights what could cause this. Please see attached images. Thanks for the help.

Did you try to change orientation?

Durable, tough, (and flexible) are among the more compliant resins in their green state, so they tend to require more supports than our general resins when printing. While typically reflected in the default support structure settings for any given resin, sometimes additional supports or a different orientation is required. In this case, my first troubleshooting step would be to print it more horizontally than vertically.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll try different orientation and more supports (although, there were quite a number of supports already). I’ve printed mostly in durable and have not had this issue before… will try the different orientation. Thanks

I print almost everything in Tough. That looks like it should be pretty straightforward to print. Post a picture of the part in PreForm from an angle where we can see the orientation and the supports.

How old is the resin tank? How old is the printer and have you ever cleaned the glass?

Randy, thanks for the follow up.

The printer is not old… purchased in January. Have never cleaned the glass. Tank is on the end of it’s first liter of resin.
Same as when I printed the part in Durable… tank is on the end of it’s first liter of resin.

Reoriented the part (as others suggested) making more horizontal and adding more supports, and it printed fine, in Tough