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Electrically Conductive Resin


Does Formlabs make an electrically conductive resin. If not, are there any I can buy to work with my form 3? Another idea could be to mix in a conductive additive in some existing Form resin.

I’m working on a small conductive rubber project with intricate features. Prototyping shops are refusing to make aluminum injection molds because of the small features and customer supplied material (and steel tools are very expensive). Does anyone have a workaround to print these small designs?


How about printing the injection moulds in High Temp resin, would that work for your application?

I was thinking about that. Do you know any molders who can utilize off the shelf aluminum mold frames to fit the 3d printed core/cavity in? I don’t want to buy a tabletop injection machine for this 1 time use.

No, sorry I don’t. Perhaps there’s an outside chance you can find a local makerspace with a desktop injection moulding machine. I think I can guess what the answer might be but could you use an alternative material that could e cast rather than injection moulded?

On the subject of conductive resins: I see Bucktown Polymers and 3DResyns have conductive resins available but I don’t think they’re ‘off-the-shelf’ and might be cost prohibitive for your one-off job.

Hope this helps.

Not knowing the application, it’s hard to say, but there are conductive paints, usually used for electroplating plastic parts. I don’t know what kind of part you need, or how durable or conductive it has to be, but the fastest, cheapest, most available way would probably be to print the part, then paint it with one of these conductive paints.

Conductive resin would be great for us in the jewellery industry so we could gold or rhodium plate the prototype to show clients.

Any progress on this? electrically conductive resin would be great for us in lab applications too