Make a mold of Formlabs Resin

hi guys,
Someone already tried to make a mold of Formlabs Resin with vulcanized rubber?
The resin resists to heat and pressure?
Thank you :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in this topic as well.  I have never made a mold out of anything yet, but I plan to make molds out of my creations with the Form1 and was wondering if there was a tutorial anywhere on this general topic - not necessarily Form1 specific, but rather making molds with 3d printers.

There is an active forum topic covering similar issues

I have been vulcanizing organic rubber 310F 25 tons and silicone molds 325F 25 tons (1" thick mold) both at 1 hour. Keep in mind you may loose your master because they will be soft and fragile when parting.

The clear 2 resin seems to be the best for this for me so far and been making anything from coins, key chains, ball markers, belt buckles, small proprietary machine parts etc etc.

The parts are more durable if you post cure them really well and you have a better chance of recovering the master.

If you were to do figurines or parts that are elaborate you will need to either make sure you have an even pack of rubber around the master because plastic may break easily OR made yourself a metal master from the castable resin.

Make sure your master is picture perfect because even the tiniest scratch will show in your castings.

Forgot to add, cleaning the parts with IPA will make them marginal for casting in since it makes them just brittle enough to fail. I have been using Yellow Magic for parts cleaning.