Conductive resin for plating

It would be amazing if the resin was conductive so that it could be electroplated directly… just a thought!

maybe you could get some of this, mix it in with some resin, and see how it goes.

very interesting - I may give it a try!

You would need a lot of particles. In my head I see the particles settling to the bottom of the tank in the first few minutes of the print. Then they would block the laser beam. But heck, maybe not.

Maybe graphite powder would stay in suspension better.

I know of a few people who have had success using metallic based spray paints to achieve an electroplate-able coating on their parts. There was some loss of surface detail but overall the results were pretty good.

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I would really appreciate some details on that. For example what paint was used. Currently I am using a copper paint that is brushed on to do EM shielding on parts and their are issues with it.

conductive spray paints work, but the loss of detail is not ideal. Plating directly would hopefully preserve some of that detail, while making smaller printed parts much stronger.

I get that the loss of detail bothers a lot of people but I don’t really care in this application.

I played around with making some magnetic resin. The issue is that the particle settle pretty fast and also you need more power to cure the resin because of the extra blocking of the uv light.

I do not need to block static magnetic fields only dynamic ones. I have some tiny speakers that when driven the eddy currents from their magnetic field cause interfearnace in another part of the device. To limit this I just need a conductive layer to trap the magnetic current into that eddy current before it radiates farther out. If I was going to get serious about static fields I would not want a magnetic resin I would use a folded / stamped Mu-metal or Permalloy shield.