Anti-Static part

I need to print a part that is anti static (conductive). Is there something I can add
to the resin ? Maybe a coating (paint, plate, … ).

Any idea ?

Add some carbon to the mix? Or carbon/graphite coating afterwards, you can buy it as a spray.

Nickel plating could be an option. There are several companies who will do a nickel plating of SLA parts.

carbon would be a resister.
Its what made edison’s lightbulb glow.

Even metal filled resins might not offer proper conductance… as the metal particles would be surrounded by non-conducting resin.

Your best bet would be a conductive surface treatment. Silver nitrate can be used followed by a light electroplate… there are spray on metalizing solutions- vapor deposition would work-

It depends on the specs @StevePeters has.

Yes, carbon is a resistor. My ESD-wristbands have a 1 Mega Ohm resistor in them, so allowable resistance can be very high. 3DResyns claims to have experience with it.

Otherwise, carbon sprays work perfectly well. They use these lacquer sprays for EMC shielding as well and are very cheap. Of course, silver plating would make really good conductive parts, but it all depends on your specs and what you really need.