ESD Resin

Hello everybody,
I’m looking for a resin that I can use in the esd area.
Is there any idea or is there something in the planning?
I use two Printer of Form2.

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Hello Everyone,

i am looking for the same resin. Are there any resins that can be used in the esd area?
Or can anyone tell somethink about the electrical charatkeristics`?

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I am also looking for an ESD safe plastic. Anyone?

There are additives for SLA resins that increase electrical conductivity. And there are some resins specifically designed for electrical conductivity. But none of FL resins are spec’d for this and I doubt they contain any additives specifically for the purpose of improving conductivity.

The issue would be “tribocharging”. My gut feel is that resin-printed parts would have low tribocharging. But it’s just a “feeling”, no data to support the assumption.

Do a search for “electrically conductive SLA resin” and you’ll get plenty of hits talking about the issue.

To anyone currently looking for an ESD-safe material, we launched a new resin for just this purpose last week! New ESD Safe Material Enables Manufacturers to Scale With 3D Printing


Hi Ricky,

Do you have some tips and tricks to finish the ESD resin printed models?

I am new to resin printing, but it appears the resin is pretty thick and easily stays between the support structures, even after form wash. And drying seems to be not successful enough: at the lowest point thin resin/alcohol like moist stays (also after drying); after curing it will harden like a glossy plastic layer on the printed surface.

After removing the support, i would like to remove the attachements and have a nice looking encasing (thats the goal of the esd resin printed model). Any tips of visually removing these?